A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

St. Louis, Missouri (March 5, 2018)- “A picture is worth 1,000 words,” a phrase we hear all the time, but there is so much truth behind this statement. Think about how many different ways you could explain a product, what it looks like, the size, shape, etc. A decent portion of those descriptions could be replaced by a single photo. This is crucial when online shopping because you cannot physically hold or see the product. Product photography is great for any online settings, giving customers something to view while shopping. 360-degree product photography is a new feature to consider when displaying your product online, in a brochure, etc. This technique displays a collection of photos from different angles to display every aspect of the product.

This technique is critical when using busy online platforms to sell products such as Amazon. There are tons of similar products displayed on this site, therefore people refer to the photo and the price to make their decisions. Hiring an Amazon product photographer could increase your chances of getting noticed. One product photographer in St. Louis is Zone Ten Studio, which uses a white background to make products stand out to viewers. They present your products in the best light to give high-quality images at a fast and affordable rate. 10 days or less is all it takes for this company to deliver high resolution, royalty free photos.

Using an Amazon product photographer will set your products apart from all the rest. The better quality the photo, the more interested people are in viewing and purchasing your product. Getting to see every angle of it as well leaves little room for confusion about what is being purchased. Make sure to hire a photographer you feel comfortable working with to get exactly what you are looking for at a great price.


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Helping Veterans Rebuild Their Lives

St. Louis, Missouri (March 2nd, 2018)- Keller Williams Cares is an organization that helps provide their employees with emergency and disaster relief funds. They feel as if their employees and their families are the most important asset to the company, therefore that is where they want to give back. This organization also gives 10% of their donations to an organization called Home for our Troops, which donates homes to injured veterans. These organizations change the lives of many that are in need, giving them resources to rebuild their lives.

Liberty Lending Consultants has partnered with Keller Williams Cares to give back. Liberty cares about veterans and thinks it is important to help them build a future. One way they do this is by providing St. Louis VA home loans to veterans and active military members. A VA loan has many benefits such as being easier to qualify for than many other loan types. To get a VA loan, there are a few aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Service records are mandatory to determine the benefits you are eligible for, based on how many years you served and your rank. To receive this type of loan, a credit score of 620 is also needed. Last, providing them with proof of income levels can determine if and how much you qualify for.

Once accepted, you get to reap the extra benefits of the VA loan, as well as having a new primary home to live in. No down payment is required to make a purchase, eliminating one of the most difficult challenges people face when trying to purchase a home. Liberty Lending Consultants provide 100% financing so all costs can be rolled into one. Last, they have great fixed rates no matter how long the loan, which will help with long term budgeting and overall savings. Getting a VA home loan may change people’s lives, just like these charitable organizations mentioned above do.

Liberty Lending offers other loans as well if the VA loan is not for you. They have a Missouri USDA Rural Development loan, which reduces costs in rural areas. They also have conventional fixed rate mortgages, which have lower interests rates for home buyers. Check out all of their services online today.

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How to Invest in Education

St. Louis, Missouri- The cost of college is very high and only growing larger.  Some educational pursuits can cost up to $160,000 over four years, with the resulting student debt lasting for decades to come.  Scholarships have always been the theoretical answer to this, with accomplished students and their parents thinking they can circumvent the high cost with good grades and high test scores.  But the reality is, these numbers often need to be significantly higher than expected.

That’s where tutoring comes in, but not in the common way. Traditional tutors help students understand concepts they are struggling with in school or assist in catching someone up. But advanced tutors help students with more standardized areas, such as ACT or SAT test prep.  These SAT and ACT test preparation services can raise a test score by a number of defined points, which might be 3 points on the ACT or 20 points on the SAT. These increases directly correlate to college savings, with most academic institutions offering tuitions reductions based on GPAs and test scores.  The cost, however, is what makes tutoring the investment.  Multiple tutoring sessions are required to help a student become comfortable with the test and become proficient in the different subjects.  According to Mackler Associates, these sessions might cumulatively cost around $2000, but the resulting savings could be close to $40,000.  Which is, without question, a great return on investment.